Living through this global pandemic in 2020 has been a challenge for us all in different ways. I’m sure that we have all experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that such extreme change brings, I know myself I’ve experienced feelings of happiness over being with my family more than usual and knowing we are safe in our home and then the lows of feeling isolated from other loved ones, having to restructure my business and the fear and anxiety of the actual virus and keeping my loved ones safe.

Throughout all of this there has been so many other global issues that have been happening too, issues that many people are extremely passionate about and sometimes the extreme views people can take on various issues are quite polarising.

I am absolutely always in favour of speaking our truth and standing up for what we believe in, however I have noticed that particularly in the social media space lately there is a growing amount of negativity, anger, judgement and unnecessary language that seems to be appearing.

I see people sharing things and then others jumping down their throat with opposing views, people linking articles to back-up their arguments, using inappropriate language and honestly, it hurts my heart.

I sometimes wish I could just turn it off and have a social media break, however now more than ever it’s our main tool for communicating with the outside world and I need to be connected to for both my extended family, my business and local groups etc that I am involved in.

I honestly think that a lot of the negativity that is out there at the moment comes from a place of fear. When we feel that we have lost control of our own lives and freedom to some degree, then we may find ourselves coming from a place of fear. People feel even more strongly than usual that they need to defend their standpoint and though doing that they tend to attack the people on the opposing side.

When we come from a place of fear and anger when communicating we are feeding into the negativity that not only surrounds us, but also that lives within us. Getting into a heated debate about an issue that we may be passionate about may make us feel better in that one moment, but what happens is that the anger that we feel when we are busily bashing away at that keyboard actually sits inside of our own energy as well. We may find that later on we snap at someone else for no reason, or feel a pent up burning feeling inside our tummy, perhaps we experience heartburn, clenched fists or jaw or end up with a headache. All of these physical symptoms can be related to carrying anger and rage inside of us.

I would really encourage everyone to think twice before responding to something that we feel may be triggering something inside of us. If we truly feel passionate and want to express our opinion or viewpoint then absolutely we should, however we should try to come from a place of kindness and remember that everyone is not always as informed as we may be. Perhaps they just need to be educated in a gentler, non-aggressive way.

We are living through unprecedented times where our environment is changing from one minute to the next, first we are concerned about a virus, then we are panicking because we cannot buy groceries as the shelves are empty, we are hearing conflicting reports in the media, statistics are being thrown at us every way we turn, we are trying to manage our own mental, emotional and physical health, and now…. we are trying to madly buy face masks…!!

2020 has been an extremely challenging year so far however I truly believe that we can make it better for everyone, including ourselves, by remembering to come from a place of kindness, empathy and understanding to our fellow humans. We might not agree with everyone, and that’s ok, we should keep sharing our view and expressing our feelings however I would encourage us all to take a deep breath first and make sure that we are coming from a place of love and kindness.

The world needs more gentle, loving energy in it right now and every time that we think twice before responding harshly to someone and choose to share our warmth with the world we are contributing in a huge way in balancing back out the scales.

Much love my friends,
Stacey xx