Kinesiology Sessions

What you can expect from a Kinesiology Session with Healing with Stacey

At the start of a Kinesiology session we will sit down and discuss how you are feeling at that moment. We go through what your particular stress is, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or a combination of them all we discuss how it feels to you and how it is manifesting in your life.

After our initial discussion on what stress you would like to clear, we then discuss how you would like to feel. We dig deep and establish exactly what you would like to achieve out of the session. In my own unique gentle, nurturing way I will help you to connect to the emotions and express how you would like to feel moving forwards.

Once we have established how you would like to feel, you will then lie on the massage table (fully clothed) and your arm muscle will be used to muscle test through your stresses and help to bring balance back into your world.

Kinesiology uses various beautiful healing remedies to bring about balance based on what your body communicates to that you need. These remedies can include Crystals, Essential Oils, Sound Therapy (Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Colour Glasses, Chromotherapy Light Torch etc), Acupressure Points, Affirmations, Oracle Cards, Flower Essences and much, much more!

For any remedy that comes up during your session we discuss the meaning behind the particular remedy and how it is relevant in your particular situation. Throughout the session all the information that we discuss helps to raise your awareness on how you can heal yourself and shift the energy around your emotional, physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

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Kinesiology Session Pricing – Online and In Person

90min Initial Kinesiology Sessions (Teenager/Adult/Long Session) – $170

60min Initial Kinesiology Session (Child – 10yrs & under) – $120

60min Follow Up Kinesiology Sessions Р$120

45min Follow Up Kinesiology Session (Child – 10yrs & under) – $90

Please note: Pricing includes any take home flower essences required.

Payment Policy

All Kinesiology sessions require payment to be made on the day at the conclusion of your session. Healing with Stacey accepts both Cash and Card payments, however please note that all card payments will incur a fee of $1.50 in addition to the cost of your session.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that Healing with Stacey will send a text message the week prior to your appointment to confirm your booking. Once you have texted back ‘yes’ your booking is confirmed, and will be subject to the cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24hrs of your appointment or do not show up at your allocated appointment time a cancellation fee of 50% of your session fee will apply. Thank you so much for your understanding.