Welcome to Healing with Stacey – a place where you can connect with Stacey Wilson, a nurturing, empowering and passionate Kinesiologist and Reiki Master.

Stacey is a natural at tapping into your potential and desires, building self-esteem and confidence and assisting you to break cycles and achieve the very best out of your life.  Throughout her own life’s journey she has experienced some devastating, traumatic and life altering challenges and obstacles and yet her inner strength in surviving and eventually thriving after all of these is one of the things that she is most proud of and gives her a unique understanding of what her clients may be experiencing.

Her passion in life has always been connecting to, nurturing and empowering people who may be feeling down, worthless, lost and without a way forward.

Kinesiology is a gentle natural therapy that works by tapping into the subconscious to clear any stress from your life, it can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Stacey’s key strengths lie in her ability to easily connect to people of all ages and accept them for who they are, she allows people the safe space that they need to express and work through their emotions and understand that everyone’s journey is different. She genuinely cares for all those around her which is why she particularly loves working with both adults and children who may be struggling with self-confidence issues, motivation, relationship issues, energy levels, anxiety and other physical and emotional issues.

Stacey comfortably holds a safe and confidential space for her clients to discuss what is happening in their life and what they’d like to let go of. Through her vast experience, studies and ability to connect to her clients subconscious through muscle testing she is able to offer clear, supportive insight into what the underling issues and energy imbalances are and empower them to make the changes necessary to live their best lives.

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