Client Feedback

So much gratitude to my beautiful, heart centred clients for their generous feedback.
It means so much to me to be able to help others live their best lives. – Stacey 💜

My goodness, I have so much I’d love to say about you that I simply can not express in a few succinct sentences. The gratitude I feel towards what you have done for me is enormous. Each time I see you I discover something new and sometimes something old that becomes something new. You’ve helped me through one of the toughest times in my life and helped me to reconnect to a part of me that I thought was lost forever. Sometimes I walk away wanting to give back to you all that you give to me.  Particularly during those sessions when there’s always more more more and I’m being “weird” again.. I love our giggles and the joy I feel each time I see you.  You are a true light worker and a special special soul. Thank you and thank the universe that I got to meet you. Big love – Alesha

I first saw Stacey late last year when I was experiencing an overwhelming amount of change in my life. After instantly walking into her healing room, I felt calmer. I was so amazed how much clarity I gained & how much emotion I was able to express during my first consultation. I have seen Stacey a few times since & cant recommenced her services highly enough. I am looking forward to my next visit 😊 – Sarah
I was a sceptic, but I saw and felt the change that Stacey’s healing brought to my life. Kind, friendly, professional and amazingly accurate, Stacey’s kinesiology can restore balance to your body and spirit. – Sanja

Stacey is a super talented Kinesiologist and an all round beautiful human! She is open minded, a good listener and shows a high level of empathy. I always feel comfortable sharing my private thoughts and feelings and leave feeling completely nurtured and balanced.
Her crystal Diffuser Bracelets are beautiful and very well made. I have 2 and wear them daily. Thank you Stacey ❤️ – Rose

Stacey is amazing at what she does. Her passion for her work is so evident and she instantly makes you feel comfortable. I have had several sessions with Stacey and got more than expected from all of them. I can not recommend Stacey enough!. – Hailey

Stacey is an incredible kinesiologist. Going into a session you’re a bit hesitant not sure what it will be like. Leaving a session you are about 2 kilos lighter! That awful weight you were carrying around on your shoulders without even noticing is suddenly gone! Oh it’s a wonderful feeling as you step out of the clinic and actually truly feel better! Immediately! Oh you’ve still got things to work through but hey you’ve found out how to do it now! It’s a life altering experience and I urge you if you’re not sure go and experience the healing it’s totally awesome! Thanks 🙏 so much Stacey you’ve helped me save my life! Many thanks 🙏 😁- Jill

I had the pleasure of being able to have my first kinesiology session with Stacey. I didn’t know what exactly to expect, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I was blown away with how magical every moment felt, I would recommend Stacey to everyone that is interested in kinesiology. Thank you for the breath taking experience 💞 – Brianna

Stacey is just amazing! I always feel 100% better after our online sessions! She has a gift for understanding people and what they are going through, cannot recommend her enough! – Chloe

I have purchased a bracelet for myself as well as for family members and we all love them and definitely all give positive feedback. Stacey puts so much thought and love into her work from researching crystals and then designing absolutely gorgeous bracelets. 5 stars for Healing With Stacey ⭐️💗⭐️💗- Lisa

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