Our Third Eye Chakra (also known as Anja) is our sixth major Chakra and is located on our forehead between our eyebrows. This Chakra is associated with the colour Indigo and is all about intuition, imagination and seeing.

If you are struggling to see your future, repeating unhealthy patterns, mentally confused or not trusting yourself this Chakra may be out of balance for you.

There are many ways to rebalance your Third Eye Chakra, some of my favourite ways include;

πŸ’™ Meditation on the third eye area whilst visualising a beautiful Indigo light entering and cleansing the Chakra

πŸ’œ Eating Indigo/Purple foods such as blueberries, cabbage, eggplant and plums

πŸ’™ Smelling Essential Oils such as Bergamot, Fragonia, Juniper Berry or Sandalwood

πŸ’œ Using or wearing crystals such as Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Selenite or Sodalite

πŸ’™ Repeating the affirmation β€˜I lovingly connect to and trust my intuition’

When your Third Eye Chakra is balanced you will find you easily trust yourself, can see and learn from past patterns and feel a greater sense of knowing yourself.

Stacey πŸ’œxx