Our Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata) is our fourth major Chakra and is located at the centre of the chest, between the breasts. Heart Chakra is associated with the colour green and is all about love, balance and relationships.

If you are experiencing feelings of betrayal, grief, deep sadness, lack of self love, loneliness or feeling stuck in the past your Heart Chakra may be out of balance.

There are many ways to rebalance your Heart Chakra, some of which include;

💚 Using Emerald, Malachite, Peridot or Rose Quartz Crystals
💚 Eating green fruits & vegetables such as broccoli, peas, avocado, grapes, zucchini or a green smoothie
💚 Having a Kinesiology or Reiki healing session
💚 Doing meditation or breathwork as this Chakra is associated with the Element of Air
💚 Spending time with people that love, accept and bring out the best in you and remind you how loved you are

I hope that these suggestions are helpful for you to try if you feel that your Heart Chakra is out of balance and you would like to be able to give and receive love freely and feel connected back to your beautiful heart again.

Stacey 💜xx